nativeCSS is a free framework to make app development easier.

Use CSS styling in your apps today.

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We are committed to a fortnightly release cycle and are currently improving iOS, Android and Xamarin support.

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It's a new tool to instantly make changes to your app directly from your desk with no technical knowledge required.

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Watch Introduction

Get started with a quick video explaining nativeCSS.

Install in seconds

Add a css file to your app and refresh from the web.


[UIApplication styleWithCSSFile:@"styles.css" updateFromURL:myCSSURL refreshPeriod:NCRemoteContentRefreshEveryDay];


NativeCSS.styleWithCSS("styles.css" ,myCSSURL ,EveryDay);

iOS7 Ready

Optimize your app for iOS7.



button{ -max-ios6-background:silver; -min-ios7-background:gold } Get the iOS7 look on older devices.

Personalise your apps

Are your premium users sick of your generically branded app?

Quickly rebrand your native apps for thousands of customers cheaply using your CMS or website.

Cross-platform apps users love

Sick of slow and ugly cross platform mobile web apps? Create beautiful apps by using fast native components with standard web styling.

Keep the intuitive, graceful look and feel of native apps, and save time styling across platforms and multiple devices.

Avoid App Store disasters

Keep your customers happy and rating intact by fixing bugs without an update. Updating your app's style after release can fix bugs or, at least, hide them.

Simplify your code and start reusing

Look at your mobile code, I bet the styling and the code are entangled. Separating your code and styling simplifies your codebase, reduces your technical debt and makes is easier to reuse for the next app.