What's new in 0.4.4

SDK update required for iOS7 apps.

To develop iOS7 apps you must update to version 0.4.4 or later.

We’ve improved our iOS7 support, performance and prepared a migration guide to help users transition up to iOS7.


Download nativeCSS 0.4.5 for iOS 7.0 ▶

Improved navigation bar support.

We’ve improved navigation bar support for iOS 5, 6 and 7. Learn about our changes in the navigation sample app.


Download navigation sample app ▶

Improved iOS7 status bar support.

iOS7 status bars now match the navigation bar.

The status bar style, as in light or dark, is also set by navigation bar, but you’ll need to update your Info.plist and set ‘View controller-based status bar appearance’ to NO. 

See navigation bar documentation ▶

Migrate to iOS7 guide.

We’ve made migrating to iOS7 easier by converting our apps and publishing a short guide on blog.nativecss.com.  There are some great new features to make transition to iOS7 easier.

See iOS7 migration guide ▶

Coming up next week.

Next week, you can expect:

  • improved iOS7 Tab Bar support.
  • fixes for iOS7 navigation controllers. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch at support@nativecss.com