What's new in 1.0.6

We’ve released our CocoaPod and Xamarin components, improved support for Auto Layout, UITextFields and the 64bit iOS simulator.


Download nativeCSS 1.0.6 

Improved Dependency Management for iOS

nativeCSS for iOS is now available as a CocoaPod.

Using a dependency manager helps to reduce complexity in your iOS project: that’s what we’re here for.

Now you can download and install nativeCSS, by adding:

pod 'NativeCSS'


nativeCSS for Xamarin

nativeCSS is now available as a Xamarin component.

We’ve included sample projects for iOS, Android, Android V10 to get you started on simple cross platform styling.

Download nativeCSS for Xamarin 

Coming up next time.

For the next release we will be working on:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved Android and iOS performance.
  • New Table Sample Apps.
  • Android Maven artefact.

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch at support@nativecss.com