Android Installation & Setup

Step by step instructions to install NativeCSS.

  1. Get your NativeCSS API Key: Sign Up or Register an app

  2. Install NativeCSS library as Maven

    Or Download NativeCSS and Samples

    Copy Jar into your project’s libs folder

    Add NativeCSS Jar as dependency to your app’s build.gradle

  3. Copy startup code your Application (or main activity)

    Older Android versions 2.3 to 3.2 require additional installation.

    All activities must implement onResume() and onDestroy() as below.

    This is due to lack of support for the ActivityLifecycleCallbacks before 4.0.

    We recommend extending the base Activity classes to implement these methods only once. Alternatively, this github project has tried to simplify this process.

  4. Add initial.css file

  5. Run your app in Android Studio

  6. Edit CSS from Studio

  7. Edit with Studio GUI