iOS Installation & Setup

Step by step instructions to install NativeCSS.

  1. Get your NativeCSS API Key: Sign Up or Register an app

  2. Install NativeCSS as cocoa pod

    Or Download NativeCSS with Samples

    and drag into your project

    Selecting “Copy Items into Destination Group Folder”

  3. Add the libz.dylib, QuartzCore.framework, CoreText.framework, CoreImage.framework and Accelerate.framework to your project.

  4. Select your Target and the tab ‘Build Settings’. Search for “linker flags” and add -all_load and -Objc

  5. Copy startup code your App Delegate file

  6. Add initial.css file

  7. Run your app in Xcode on iPhone

  8. Edit CSS from Studio

  9. Edit with Studio GUI