Legacy IOS Installation & Setup

This documentation is for an old version of nativeCSS. For the latest versions of nativeCSS see the latest documentation

iOS installation and basic styling


Installation is simple.

  1. Unzip nativecss-0.1.zip

  2. Drag into your project

  3. Select “Copy Items into Destination Group Folder”

  4. Check the files are in your project

  5. Add the “QuartzCore.framework”, “CoreText.framework”, “CoreImage.framework” and “Accelerate.framework” to your project.

  6. Select your Target and the tab ‘Build Settings’. Search for “linker flags” and add “-all_load” and “-Objc”

  7. Add the line

    #import "UIApplication+NativeCSS.h"

    to the top of your AppDelegate.m file.

  8. Add the line:

    [UIApplication styleWithCSSString:@"label{background-color:red}"];

    to your app delegate’s applicationDidFinishLaunching: method:

  9. Start the app! It should look a bit like this:

  10. Well done, you have successfully installed nativeCSS.